Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, Just for a Change....

IT"S SNOWING...I don't even have enough signs and symbols on this computer to properly express my dismay is too light a word...digust? despair? fury?Went to my writing goup this AM...we meet in Cafe Bodega in a very old building turned artsy mall with antiques, yarn shop, etc. Anyway, the mailman came through today in shorts. That's how desperate people are getting. Everyone says, well the skiers are happy. I say let the skiers be miserable for once - them with their distorted love of snow, wind and cold. Let's make the walkers, gardeners and swimmers happy for a change is what I say....but apparently no one is listening. We write from of today's prompts was "I didn't know a steam roller could move so fast." If anyone likes to write...give it a try and post what you did!

Writing from Prompt

I didn't know a steam roller could move so fast, but I sure wish someone had told me, then I wouldn't be flattened like a pie crust, rolled up and stuffed into our post office box screaming for my mother to get me out - or anyone actually.
The driver was Mickey Mouse. Who would have ever guessed he could be so mean. Instead of helping me after he ran me over, I could see him jumping up and down on that machine with great glee. Somehow my eyes must have been spared the flattening process the rest of me received.
So here I am - and I'm claustrophobic I might add - rolled up in P.O. Box 242, Andover, NJ and it's the middle of the night. It will be many hours before morning when I will hopefully be rescued. Tears are filling the box and dripping down into Box 142 below. I imagine the inked addresses on their mail becoming blurred and illegible. Did I mention that Minnie was there too? She was in her medieval princess outfit - gauzy material waving in the wind from the top of her pointed princess hat. She's smiling up at Mickey as if she's pleased with his steam roller act. What is going on here? I thought they loved kids. "Hey" I scream again when my Mom's voice slips through the cracks in the post office box, "Wake up and get ready for school."

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Grama said...

I loved your story, especially the surprise ending.