Saturday, March 7, 2009

New At This and about my journal

And I'm don't know how to add stuff text on the side of my journal cover, etc...or how to move them to the side....Sorry...please bear with me. In other news, today the moon moved into expect some drama in your life today or, at the very least, feeling a little bit emotional! Good day to spend being creative or having fun with children.
My journal was started while feeling just a little,teeny, tiny tad of depression over the continuation of winter. However, just to be the difficult person I am, I did it in very happy, bright colors.

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Merc said...

Hi Lorna,

Carrie from BBA here, nice job on the blog! I see you're being followed...come follow me, too! I can tell you more fun gadgets to put on your blog if you want. I love these ATC's, they're cute. And your quote on your blog header, really nice for an art blog.