Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th.....dum de dum dum.....

It's Friday the 13th and the moon is moving into of the deepest and most mysterious of the appropriate. I love my Scorpio friends for their sharp, sarcastic long as it's not directed at, really I can take it...really. You might want to be more hidden and secretive than usual today, tomorrow and Sunday, esp. if you're around Scorpios...only kidding!
Well, it's not snowing, but it's dang cold...10 degrees colder than usual, but with the promise of it warming up later in the week. It better if it knows what's good for it. IT? Who or what is it? I don't know, but it better watch out.
I went to the allergy specialist yesterday to find out why I can only breath on alternate Thursdays. He poked me A LOT and told me I'm allergic to dust (well, thank heavens that's not a dust in my house), trees (there goes the dancing), weeds(there goes gardening), grass(dang, can't cut the lawn anymore) and...get this...cats and dogs. I told him I'd be dropping my 3 dogs and 2 cats off at his house later and he said he had heard that before....said he had 100's of cats. I don't think I believe him.

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