Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sargasso Seahorse

I have always been fascinated by the Sargasso Sea and the seahorses who live there in particular. Sargasso seaweed floats on the top of the very slow moving sea and the seahorses hang out in the seaweed for safety. They are very difficult to distinguish from the seaweed itself...they're so feathery and gorgeous. And honestly, in the photo I was looking at to do the drawing his eyes looked just like I drew them...honestly.
OK...this is getting's snowing huge flakes. I guess it's raining in town, but we are just high enough that it's snow....oh goodie, goodie. If it's snowing on the coast when I go for artfest, I'm going to need horse tranquillizers otherwise I can't say what I'll do. I'm leaving a day earlier and joining my bad baby friend JoAnne! So...only 15 more days or as my darling granddaughter and Bad Baby Kelsey say - 15 more sleeps. Is that an Aussie thing, Kelsey?


Merc said...

I love your seahorse! They are such mysterious prehistoric-looking creatures. I just posted a painting I did around a seahorse stamp I carved,so come visit!

Sherry said...

see what I know......I had never heard of the Sargasso Sea.....but I liked your drawing very much. Love BFF