Thursday, February 19, 2009

3 days in a row...minor miracle!

Can't believe this is the 3rd day in a row I've blogged...what is the world coming to? Very low attendance at 5 min. of fame last night. I did a Mt. Momma piece where I write letters to a penpal using my alter ego....Mt. Momma. Got some good comments on it. Today I'm going to try to put all my MM pieces together and make some sort of cohesive whole. Still totally stumped about my storybook art muse is taking a break of sorts and she's supposed to be in full swing because we just went into of the most creative and imaginative signs. But it is square my Gemini sun so maybe i have trouble contacting the energy. And it is stillthe cusp, so we're just beginning to adjust to the new energy. Made atcs yesterday and mailed them off to Rita before putting them on my blog...have to get used to remembering to do that. I'm working on a new altered book journal. Soon as the cover and/or a page is completed I'll post that...I know supposed to leave the cover until last and I'll probably be mad that I didn't because it's already getting altered, but oh well...that's the whole idea!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What can I say?

It's snowing....hmmm....lightly,'s still snow and it's white. Hasn't changed color since the last storm. I wish someone would do something about that. I suppose white is easier to look at for months than if everything were orange or hot pink, not that I don't like those colors. Tonight I'm going to 5 Minutes of Fame at a local cafe to do my stand-up comedy. I love doing that. Got my sentence for the atc storybook swap and I am drawing a blank. I guess I'm not allowed to tell it to's a surprise, so no help from anyone out there...dang.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OK...this really is enough!

Feb. 17th...My last post was back in Jan griping about the snow and here it is more than a month later and I'm still griping about it. You'd think I'd get over it..but it's STILL all white out there. Are there any other colors? I've forgotten. Spent the day yesterday with my writing group. Had an interesting prompt. If you opened your mother up, if you could, what would step out? I'll put what I wrote later. Doing a couple of art swaps. One is an atc story book where we each get 1 sentence to portray...should be great fun! The other Pam art stimulus pkg. which I mail out and then receive one after which I immediately go make art with it. 42 more days until Artfest, but who's counting!!! OMG, I see I have followers...I better put something on here for them to follow!