Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OK...this really is enough!

Feb. 17th...My last post was back in Jan griping about the snow and here it is more than a month later and I'm still griping about it. You'd think I'd get over it..but it's STILL all white out there. Are there any other colors? I've forgotten. Spent the day yesterday with my writing group. Had an interesting prompt. If you opened your mother up, if you could, what would step out? I'll put what I wrote later. Doing a couple of art swaps. One is an atc story book where we each get 1 sentence to portray...should be great fun! The other Pam started...an art stimulus pkg. which I mail out and then receive one after which I immediately go make art with it. 42 more days until Artfest, but who's counting!!! OMG, I see I have followers...I better put something on here for them to follow!


Jo Anne O. said...

hehehehe, yeah and we see you Lorna!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I love your writing and the picture of your grandparents at the ball is fabulous!