Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey's not snowing...

I hardly know what to do....Yesterday, the first day of spring the temperature actually reached the high 50's. WOW It was great! Well, just continuing to get ready for artfest in my mind as well as my suitcases. Only 9 days???EEEK!
Yesterday, went to Spokane to see our friend Fritz who has cancer and is dying. He's on a respirator. Very important to have a living will if you don't want that to happen to you. Sorry to be so grim, but it can happen. It did to him...very quickly and he's only 52 which gets younger to me all the time. Today, the friend with POA comes and will probably have them shut off his life support which is what Fritz would want if he could speak for himself. He is a good man, a good friend and a brilliant patent attorney...the world is losing a good soul.
I made some fabric postcards yesterday. I'll post a couple. Still trying to think of other trades to take to the fest, but so far my muse is keeping quiet.
Have been seeing so many birds lately. Even one yesterday I have never seen before. Sometimes, I think they get off track and land here by mistake. At least there's some earth showing under the trees where they might find food of sorts and we have suet, etc. out for them.

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