Saturday, November 14, 2009

Journal Page

I'm taking a workshop on Lynn Perella's book, "Artist's Journals and Sketchbooks" from one of my online groups.  This is the first page in my journal.  You can tell I can't stand mandalas...right up there with my dislike of shrines.....Smile.


Aimeslee said...

Your page and your mandala look so pretty. Do you really hate them? (I get turned off by all of the obsessions over them, myself.)

I'm finally feeling a bit better and and mailing out your slide mounts today! Sorry it took so long. That dang flu. :-(((


Leann said...

Hi Lorna,
thanks for stopping in and leaving me a note. Love your journals and spirit boxes/shrines. E-mail me at if you are interested in project 52