Thursday, April 29, 2010

Traci Bautista's Class at Artfest

I LOVED Traci's class.  Made the first 2 pieces above.  I love the fact that she loves color like I do and that she uses everything that can make a mark...nothing is left out.  I mean she even had us using fabric paint.  I guess I'm in too much of a box, but just never thought of that!  Anyway...wonderful fun! 

Next is the cover to the gate fold journal I made in LK Ludwig's class....again a great time!!  We spent most of the day making the 22 pages with acrylics and stencils...a glorious, messy time!  Then, we learned the easy binding technique in the last part.  I'm working on the pages inside now.  I loved her class!
Also took a class with Misty Mawn, but didn't accomplish anything.  I was functioning on only 1 hour of sleep and became totally overwhelmed.....ended up leaving halfway which was ok...just couldn't do it, plus the spot was too small for the HUGE canvases we were working on.  I discovered, however, that I prefer working small and feel overwhelmed rather than freed working large.
All in all a great time!  Got to visit with many Bad Baby friends and make new friends.  Thanks to Tracy and Teesha Moore for another year of art, glorious art fun!

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Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Lorna!!! I had forgotten how pretty and cool these pieces were...glad you blogged about them, sorry I didn't see them sooner! :)