Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd - Hanging My Head

I am sooo embarassed I have not written on my blog since March! What has been going on? Got me....Well, there was Artfest which was splendiferous and and and...who knows. I loved my class with Laurie Mika. Have made another mosiac shrine which I must take a photo of and download. I just finished some Steampunk atcs for a swap and really have fallen in love with steampunk....right up there with Zetti for me. I am having a writing workshop in my home/studio on August 8th and perhaps another on Sept. 9th. On Aug. 8th it will be given by Renee D'Oust and I would list her published works except I can't find her flyer! Later....I'm going to try and download my steampunk atcs. Each one had to have a movable part which added to the fun.

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Barb said...

Cool ATCs Lorna...looks like Steampunk is the next big thing!

If you care to contact me by email I will endeavor to help you with your blog...but keep in mind that I am only a novice at all this too...have only had a blog since late last year.